Luna Lupus: Entrevista a MagicalMonsters

domingo, 28 de julho de 2013

Entrevista a MagicalMonsters

Oiii Criaturas da Noite!
Tudo bem com vocês?

Hoje trago-vos uma nova entrevista. Ela não é blogueira, mas sim uma pessoa que admiro pelo seu trabalho com a sua cadela pastora alemã, Nicci. Tem um canal no youtube onde coloca os seus videos com a sua menina.

Aqui podem ver o meu video preferido dela e da Nicci. Digam nos comentários o que acharam do video. =)

E antes da entrevista quero agradecer á MagicalMonsters por ter aceitado. Muito obrigada admiro-te muito. Continua a praticar com a tua menina. (And before of the interview I want to thank to MagicalMonsters for accepted. Thank you very much, I admire you very much. Keep training with your girl. =) )

1. Okay, so, how did you become interested in dog tricks/obedience?
R.: Well it started this year actually. I got the 101 dog trick book a month before I started with it. I'm also looking at a lot of trick videos wich inspires a lot, but trick is just a side of obedience and freestyle.

2. At what age you started to train dogs?
R.: I started at 14 years, wich I'm now.

3. Do you use the positive reinforcement clicker?
R.: Yes ofc I do :) However I have lost many clickers just this half year... Throwing them away accident when playing with Nicci and when it is dark outside it is extra hard to find them.

4. Nicci's an amazing dog. What was the first trick she learned? and how long she took to learn it?
R.: It was actually "give paw" trick, but it was the only trick at that time more than sit, down and wait that did come next. I didn't have enough drive at that time wich I regret these days.

5. Nicci's your only dog?
R.: She is my only dog, yes, but plans for a another dog to next year is open if Nicci will become a bit more obedient :) I however have 2 cats too.

6. What's your favorite dog breed? and why?
R.: Picking one is hard because I like every breed for it's own special breed typical behaviour, but my top faves in no order are:
Border collie
Australian kelpie
Australian shepherd
Belgian malinois
German shepherd
berger des pyrénées à face rase
Shetland sheepdog

7. Do you have some inspiration to train your dog, I mean, If you really wonder someone's work with his dog?
R.: Haha there's so many that I'm inspired with, but as I told eariler that many tricks videos are great inspirations, but Susan Garret and Fanny Gott is inspirations when it comes to agility. Kikopup on youtube does a lot of great "how to teach tricks" videos that are inspiring.

8. Do you have some advice to give the people who want to train their dogs?
R.: Be patient no matter how hard it is (my own experience). If you feel it is not going the right way then go over to basic with the trick or obedience moment you're working on even if you're already at stage one. I did that with the obedience heel and we got a lot better communication now and she is improving on the turns already on the second day with the start over.

9. Now the last question. What do you think of My Dark Angel, My Dark Heart and My Sweet Pain?
R.: It is good, but one thing that bothers me are that it is so hard to read! I can't almost no the see the text since it is black background. A god tip would be a lighter text, but with light text it could be get annoying for some readers to read. A another thing would be having white or some other bright color instead of black background, but would only destroy the blog's look too.
I also liked that it was playing music, but otherwise the blog was great when my eyes could focus on the text ;)

Podem usar o tradutor do blogue.

Espero que tenham gostado.
Continuem a Assombrar!

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  1. Interessante, não conhecia...

  2. Não conhecia esta menina =) Alguma vez eu conseguia treinar os meus cães? São tão doidos...acho que os vou enviar para passarem umas férias com ela...eheh...obrigada, é o look de verão do blogue..beijinhos*

    1. Acho que o treino dos animais (cães, gatos e coelhos) depende de muito tempo, paciência, dedicação e também é necessário ter um certo jeito para a coisa e ela tem sem dúvida a paciência a dedicação e o jeito, quanto ao tempo isso só ela poderá dizer :p


  3. Haha you didn't have to put up this thing... Well, well I might check up on your blog sometimes since I found some interesting posts ;) I see so many errors in my English... Q_Q

    1. Don't be sad or embarrassed about that my english is also not very good but I think the people understand. :p
      Well you can visit and comment my blog always you want. =)

  4. Obrigada :) Bem vou precisar de sorte para não me perder no meio da tralha e do pó :P

  5. A idade não passa de um numero xD pelo menos no meu caso é assim xD

  6. Parem de dizer que estou velha. Fico com graves complexos XD
    Já chega o meu namorado dizer isso [qualquer dia, espanco-o] xD

  7. Com "algo" chamado morfina e cirurgiões plásticos xD
    O que é que se passa?